I have been making mixed media drawing and paintings of canoes and canoe-like shapes for many years.  Like ‘Nest’, I thought to continue working with the imagery and ideas I felt closest, again, using textiles as my medium of choice.  Still wishing to work collaboratively, I reached out to the Peterborough Canoe Museum and found a co-creative instigator in the museum’s Karen Taylor.  She was open, excited by and receptive to the earlier work I had done in the school system (the work on the ‘I, Canada’ exhibit, ‘Nest’ and Patchwork People) and she wanted to put ‘It Takes a Village’ into action.  Within a few months of our initial meeting, I was on my way to Peterborough to host an artist run active installation that was open to museum goers.  I was stationed in the front area of the museum with all my fabric, yarn, thread and needle paraphernalia , ready to be decorated and adorned with patchwork creations from museum patrons and staff.  This participatory process allowed for an opening up of our traditional understanding of the role of museums in contemporary culture.  Rather than viewing art in a traditional passive approach, here, viewers became an empowered presence in the creation of an art object. 

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