From boats to patches to blankets to dolls. These doll-like creatures are hand – sewn and knitted, bits and pieces brought together from a range of fabrics (vintage, thrifted, wool, cotton, felt, and canvas, blends). The yarn used to knit their clothes and bodies are knotted together bits of scraps of wool from yarny friends and knitters that have then been rolled into a recycled ball of yarn. Some of the dolls are adorned with found objects such as roadside scrap metal. This act of re-use, of sewing and knitting fragments of material and yarn for repurposed art is a healing task. The hunt for materials, the collecting, the saving and then the re-creating with these items gives one the feeling of mending broken bits; taking parts that have been broken off or overused or misused and re-working them into new creations satisfies a deep seated and very human need for growth and transformation. By breathing life into these discarded elements, we start anew and open up the possibility for 2nd chances. And It is through these creative acts that we also instil change in ourselves.

These special beings are the keeper of secrets, they are story-tellers, friends, guides. They house sewn messages, wishes, hopes and dreams on knitted bits held in their soft bodies. Some of them are tattooed With words and images adorning their soft plushy bodies. They are reminders, talismans,beacons, whispering to us, “ this is who you are…. remember … remember…”. They can be humorous too, thoughtful, smart, goofy , loving. They are the one who gets us, who holds our shit together,. They may reminds us of who we are and/or were and/or want to be.

In addition to making and exhibiting these doll-creatures I would also like to conduct workshops in how to make them. My sense is that the act of making these other selves is healing for many of us on different levels, for example, anyone who is suffering through life transitions, personal transformation or personal hardship. Please see my contact information if you are interested.

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