Art and Teaching

I am a visual artist specializing in mixed media painting, drawing and textiles.  Art is my personal compass.  What comes up for me on the page, sewn fabric or canvas points me in the direction of next steps.  Images arise, a turn of phrase, a song I can’t get out of my head; all of these clues ground me and grab my attention.  I watch what comes up and out onto the surface of my paper, canvas or fabric and I listen…   Then I follow these clues; they are creative prompts that lead me to yet another series of images, compositions, marks, mediums and gestures.  The process is spontaneous, intuitive and  reflects back to me a richness and strength that fortifies me and makes me feel connected to the world around and within me. 

When I am teaching, I follow the same sort of path; working with students to unearth their own subject matters, materials and meanings that hold the greatest importance for them.  We build upon different skillsets as we go.  We focus on personal interests and stories and begin the march to the tune of their own artistic drum. Excitement, trust in the process and creative expression are the highest priorities I hope to instill and celebrate in my own artistic life and those of my students.


Vanessa Uschy
June 2022

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