Art and Teaching

I am a visual artist specializing in mixed media drawing, painting and textiles.

For many years, my paintings and drawings have focused on images of canoe-shaped vessels in abstracted bodies of water and landscapes.  Over time, I have come to see these pieces as self portraits.  I am the floating vessel, and the environment that surrounds me is indicative of my internal state; adrift on greenish-blue hues, mired in weeds and bogs, riding rough waters.

In my textile work I use a mixed media patchwork technique; hand-stitching, knitting, fabric, collage and paint.  Letters and words are often incorporated into these works; stitched together as a visual pile of abstract imagery or as clearly spelt out song lyrics, quotes or sayings.  In the last couple of years I have expanded my textile practice into sculpture.  I am currently working on a series of patchwork canoes.

The way I approach my own art work is similar to how I teach it to others; I emphasis the importance of  working intuitively and spontaneously, going with first impulses and gut responses.  I work closely with students to help them discover subject matter that speaks to their interests, to encourage using different mediums to explore the imagery and build upon different skill sets as the creative journey progresses.

Excitement, trust in the process and creative expression are the highest priorities I hope to instil in my own life, work and those of my students.

Vanessa Uschy



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