For many years, my work focused on drawings and paintings of boats and paddles. In this series I explored painted and drawn gestures, novel compositions, colours and figurative ground. My paintings often incorporate acrylic and oil paint, oil sticks and oil pastels on wood, canvas and paper. In my drawings I gravitate towards the combined use of conte sticks, pencil crayons, oil pastel, pencil, graphite and gesso on different types of paper and mylar.

The boats and paddles held my attention for years. I was completely taken with their shapes, how I could slightly distort their form, immerse them in different backgrounds and never tire of them. Over time they became personal metaphors, extensions of myself, a nod to my state of mind, my latest life challenges, a measure of my internal climates; psychological discomfort or calm. Keeping my subject matter consistent (boats and paddles) gave me a kind of freedom to play with and expand upon my artistic vision and skill while continuing to develop my visual language.

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